Scientific breakthroughs in the last 100 years resulted in the eradication or significant reduction in mortality from diseases, improvement in life quality, and lifespan extension. The accumulation of knowledge in Biology and Medicine may one day allow us to control our biology to such extent that will allow us to eradiacte the most devastating diseases, and perhaps even aging. Cryonics aims to bridge those scientific and technological gaps by freezing time, and is used only as the last resort, and in line with the medical definitions for vitality diganosis and dealth declaration. We attach great importance to establishing a non-profit cryonics organization for promoting scientific research, for making evidence-based information accessible to the public, and to eventually provide cryogenics services equitably and in particular without race, gender or socio-economic status discrimination.

It is important to stress that despite the fact that cryonics services are already being provided in some places around the world, there is still no proof of concept for a successful thaw and revival of a human being (or other mammals) following cryopreservation.

However, recent scientific research provides convincing evidence supporting the claim that whole organs, including the brain, can be cryopreserved (under -100°C) for long periods of time, and then thawed without any significant damage to the tissue’s structure. Despite the uncertainty, this evidence strengthen the hypothesis that even contemporary technology can be used to cryopreserve the human body so that it can be brought back to normal life using future technology.